Bounty Land Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 07, 2015

What To Expect

What To 
 Here are some frequently asked questions about a visit to our church.  Probably the most common time to visit is the Sunday morning service (at 10:30am).  But any service is a great time to visit!
How long is each service?
 Each service is generally around an hour or as the Lord leads. 
What should I expect during the service?
 The services generally consist of praise and worship, time to greet each other, Bible reading, prayer, and a sermon.   We do not call out our guests or expect them to stand and introduce themselves.   
What about the preaching?
 The sermon is the highlight of the service - it lasts about 40 minutes.  It may be an application of a Bible passage or a topical study on how the Bible relates to every day issues we may all face.  It is always intended to explain what God's Word says about living our lives in this day and age.   
What should I bring?
 You do not need to bring anything. We do encourage you to bring your Bible, it will help you follow along with the pastor's sermon.  
 What should I wear?
 There is no particular dress code, our focus is on your heart, not on your wardrobe.
 What about my children?
 Childcare is provided for children through age 3. Each week  we provide Children's Church during the Sunday Morning service for those parents who desire this for their children but otherwise the children are certainly more than welcome to sit in the service with the adults.  Intellectually, the sermon is geared for pre-teens through adults.
 Whom do I see if I have a question?
 Any of our church members can help answer most questions about where to go or what to do.  For spiritual questions, the Pastor is always available after the service.   
Well, now that you are a little more prepared…we’ll see you at church!